Dress Well: Hello, Oxblood

When I was going into my freshman year of high school, my mom gave me $500 to buy myself school clothes (we were required to wear uniforms at my middle school, so going to a high school with "free dress" was a big deal). My favorite item of clothing that I purchased with that $500 was a reversible shirt - oxblood red on one side, navy blue on the other (yeah, I was insanely cool in high school). I think that oxblood looks wonderful on blondes, and thus, despite the strange high school wardrobe flashbacks that the oxblood color craze inspires in me, I couldn't be happier that it's back in a big way. 

Also, how great does oxblood look with turquoise? I'm loving that color combo right now.

Family Birthday Weekend continued yesterday with my husband turning 24! His parents came into town to help us celebrate, and we had a great time eating big meals, drinking wine up in Sonoma, and getting in a little shopping (more on all of those things later).

I hope you had a great weekend - enjoy your Monday!