Dress Well: Texas Bound

Yes, this is a dress. Sneaky, right? I'm headed to Texas this evening, so obviously I need to dress the part - hoop earrings, a dress I could have worn to a square dancing competition, a touch of turquoise, and my trusty cowboy boots. The funny thing is that I get way more use out of these boots now that I live in San Francisco, partially because it's always the perfect temperature to wear them. That, and I need to maintain my Texas credibility. Saying "y'all" constantly can only take a girl so far!

I'll be in Texas this weekend to help host a bridal shower for my very first best friend (I'll post about what I'm going to wear soon!). I can't wait to see everyone (and hopefully not melt in the over 80-degree heat). Here's hoping that your weekend is very fun, and a maybe a little bit country.