Dress Well: Bibbed for Business

If you've seen this blouse before, it's because you read Cupcakes & Cashmere and saw this post, which inspired in me an almost instant obsession. I went to Club Monaco's website every day for a couple of weeks after reading that post just to look at this shirt and try to figure out whether or not I should buy it. {True story. Pathetic, I know.} One day, it disappeared from their online store {and I went into a deep mourning}. A few weeks later, one of my good friends was in the store, saw it, called me {she recognized it because I had talked about it multiple times - can this story get sadder?}, and then bought it for me - we couldn't let it get away!

After the saga of actually obtaining the shirt {are you bored yet?} I had to decide where it should make its debut. I settled on a big portfolio review meeting that my team at work had with some higher-ups in the bank. I'm the only girl in my group, so I wanted to wear something feminine, stylish, yet professional {a surprisingly difficult balance to strike!}. I think this shirt ended up being the perfect fit. This outfit made me feel like I was radiating confidence - the perfect feeling to have in an important meeting!

Another integral part of this outfit: my Ivanka Trump heels. {I enjoyed the ode to them over at Adorn Yourself Accordingly.} I feel less self-conscious about being the only woman in the group at work if I can put myself at eye level with the guys. I'm 5'6", so these shoes put me at a solid 5'10". I'd just rather not have anyone looking down at me at work, either physically or metaphorically, you know? I bet you do. Enjoy your Thursday.