Dress Well: Cornucopia

Every time I reach for this sweater in my closet I think "cornucopia." I'm not sure why. I even had to google the definition of cornucopia to make sure that by saying that I wasn't saying this sweater made me think of corn on the cob or something. Turns out "cornucopia" means horn of plenty, and is a symbol of abundance and nourishment. I think that definition is singularly appropriate for this day and this outfit because I got this sweater the most recent time my birthday fell on Thanksgiving {2010}, so it always reminds me of the loving, generous family and abundant resources that I have been blessed with. This sweater is also perfect for traveling {come on, it practically is a blanket}, which reminds me to celebrate how lucky it is that I've gotten to spend every single Thanksgiving with my family since I was born {an event which happened to fall on the day after Thanksgiving - which may explain my ability to eat more than pretty much any girl I've ever met}.

I hope you have a wonderful time giving thanks today. Right now, I'm giving thanks for being in Austin, Texas, with my husband and his {our} wonderful family. I couldn't ask for more.