Dress Well: Country Plaid

Remember when I told you guys about my love for this plaid shirt? Well, my siblings must have been listening, because not one, but two of them gave me this shirt for my birthday! This is what I consider to be an ideal country outfit: soft plaid shirt, stretchy, comfy corduroy leggings, and Hunter rain boots that I found lying around in our garage. It ended up being the perfect getup for a sunset ride around my family's ranch.

Me, driving the gator (basically a small piece of John Deere farm equipment that's a bit like a four-wheeler, just safer). If you're not from the South, I'm guessing you were unaware that driving farm equipment around can be a lot of fun! I definitely suggest giving it a whirl if you ever get a chance.

How was everyone's first Monday back to work? Mine didn't go all that successfully. I woke up this morning unable to lift my right arm without causing my shoulder a lot of pain, which either means I slept in a very strange position or the shoulder injury I got four years ago when I faceplanted while ice skating at full speed is back to haunt me (have I mentioned that I'm a super graceful person?). Either way, it led to a long day in bed with my arm wrapped up in an improvised sling, reading and watching television shows. I guess that probably doesn't sound all that bad!

Thank you all so much for reading - I've really been enjoying the comments and messages I've been getting because of this blog. Have a great Tuesday!