Be Well: Squats to Press

Today I am very excited to begin combining weight lifting concepts that I've already discussed on this blog. Here I'm featuring a combination of squats and bicep curls to shoulder presses. This is such a fantastic way to work your entire body while keeping your heart rate up - you should try it!

Start with feet shoulder-width apart, weights at your side.

Squat by sending your hips back, keeping your back flat, and your chest up.

Squat down as far as you can.

Once you're standing again, start your bicep curl.

At the top of your bicep curl, open your elbows out to make a goalpost shape with your arms.

Press to full extension. Don't forget to keep your abs tight - it will improve your form throughout the entire exercise.

End in the same position you started in. Repeat this move for two minutes and add it to your normal workout for a full-body strengthening experience!

As I was walking home tonight, admiring all of the Christmas decorations that are going up around my neighborhood, I started thinking about when the last Christmas season ended. I distinctly remember packing up our ornaments and throwing away our tree while lamenting that the next Christmas season was so far away. And yet here it is, back again - where did that year go? I think that's how you know that it was a particularly happy year - you're so happy to look back on what you've done, and yet you're so sad that it's already over. With the new Christmas season upon us, I'm hoping that when Christmas 2013 rolls around, I'm equally as amazed by how recent Christmas 2012 felt.

Have a great day.