Be Well: One-Leg Deadlift to Row

This week I'm excited to continue my streak of combining exercise concepts that we've already discussed. This week, we're combining deadlifts and rows. This is one of my absolute favorite exercises - I love how it works your whole body while making you feel like a ballerina as you focus on your leg extension and balance. I can't recommend it enough!

(Also, please disregard the torture-chamber looking pilates machine next to me. Photogenic space was limited!)

DSC_6329Start with weight shifted to one foot, holding relatively heavy weights (I suggest 15 lb. dumbells and wouldn't do smaller than 12 lb. ones).

DSC_6326Start to hinge forward, keeping your standing leg slightly bent. Send weights towards the ground as you send your elevated foot towards the wall behind you.

DSC_6318Pause with arms extended to the floor, leg extended to the back of the room, and body and leg parallel to the floor. DSC_6321Pull your elbows up to the ceiling while maintaining your position parallel to the floor. Try to pull your elbows up past your body. DSC_6323Drop your arms back down as you begin to drop your foot.DSC_6314End in the same position you started in. Repeat on one side for one minute then switch to the other side.

This week is turning into a pretty good week for me - I'm getting back into the workout groove, I won a cool handheld receiver in Jacey's giveaway today, and my sister comes to visit on Friday! I hope your week is going well!