Dress Well: Cobalt Campaign

J. Crew dress (similar shape), J. Crew necklace, J. Crew bracelet (love this one), Tory Burch bag, Ivanka Trump heels (very similar)

This is the kind of outfit that makes me want to write this blog. There's just something about this dress that makes me feel like I am emanating intelligence and capability. I would wear this dress to campaign events if I were running for president. I would wear it to a job interview. I would wear it to meet new people. I think everyone feels just that much more confident in clothes that fit beautifully, and I think it's important to harness that in your life, especially in decisive moments where the judgment of others has direct bearing on your future. Read just about any psychology study ever done on appearance and you will find that judges will pick the most attractive, best-dressed of the candidates presented to them almost every time. It might not be fair, but it's the way the world works and there is no reason why opportunities should pass you by because you were too afraid to turn that bias in your favor.








This dress has one other beautiful detail, an exposed zipper, which was visible in the picture from yesterday's post. Just one more reason to love this outfit.

Is winter over yet? I'm currently bundled up on my couch in layers of blankets because I feel like my feet haven't been warm in years. Yes, this is the most blog-worthy thing happening in my life right now. Welcome to the enthralling existence of Natalie Ashcroft!