Eat Well: Cake Batter Truffles


My parents belong to a country club in Texas. That country club has brunch every Sunday. Every Sunday brunch has a dessert table. And every dessert table has the most delicious cake batter truffles that I've ever had. They are one of those foods that I crave in a visceral way when it's been a long time since I've eaten them. So, when I hosted a little dinner party this past weekend, I decided that I would try to combat my craving and recreate them myself. As I've said before, baking isn't really my forte when it comes to cooking in general, but I love dessert, so I'm generally willing to test my skills when the occasion calls for it. While these cake balls highlight my distinct lack of artistic skills (they aren't supposed to look quite so...Gothic), they still turned out pretty darn tasty. I used this recipe.


What happens when you open a package of funfetti cake mix with the guns you've been working on in the gym.





These particular cake balls are like the Rorschach test of desserts. I see two little furies, locking horns. What do you see?



It's a question mark!



DSC_1440Have a wonderful, tasty weekend!