Live Well: How to Breathe Underwater

urlAs I write this, it is 11:00PM on Wednesday night, and I just walked through my front door, home from a very long day of work. During weeks like this, I often think back to one of my favorite books that I've read in the recent past: How to Breathe Underwater. The short stories in the book all depict acute human loss, but also all find redemption in the darkness. Don't get me wrong - I am by no means saying that I'm suffering. Instead, I'm reflecting on what I love about books: they lend perspective. They make you realize that working until 11:00PM doesn't even begin to qualify as having a "bad" life. When things get busy at the office, I often get tunnel vision - usually I start to feel like I can't even remember what it's like to get off of work before large chunks of the world are asleep. I start feeling very sorry for myself. But that's craziness - most days I leave while it's still light outside, come home, cook dinner, write this blog. "Darkness" and "loss" are two works that pretty much never apply to my life. These long days are the rarity. In my life, in this situation, I'm just holding my breath for a minute at a time, not learning how to breathe underwater.

Hopefully you guys don't mind this free-form post today, this all-too-real reminder that I live a very standard life outside of assembling outfits, going to the gym, and striving to eat at every good restaurant in San Francisco. If this blog is a log of my life, I would be remiss to skim over the long nights, the nights I spend more time thinking about books and Excel spreadsheets than costume jewelry and situps. This blog is typically an escape from the realities of 9-to-5 life, for myself and hopefully for you guys as well; but today I felt like reaching through the internet veil and acknowledging the fact that on the other end of Name's Not Ashley is a girl who goes to work every day, sits in a cubicle, writes documents, and then comes home and is so thankful to have this little blog and my little group of readers so I can pretend like I have a much cooler job than I do. Sorry my pretending is stretching a little thin tonight!

Enjoy your Thursday, and I'll be back tomorrow with one more outfit post to round out the week!