Dress Well: Maroon and Gold

J. Crew sweater, J. Crew shorts, Anthropologie necklace (old), J. Crew bracelet, Rocket Dog boots, Anthropologie bag (similar), Coach sunglasses

It took me at least an hour to decide what I was going to wear to Beer Bike last Saturday.

The requirements were many and varied. I needed something that was cool enough to be comfortable in 80-degree weather, which is typical for Houston in March, but also warm enough to wear in 60-degree weather, which is how cold it can be if it rains (and it did). I needed to be wearing comfortable shoes because I would be on my feet for hours and, most importantly, it needed to incorporate maroon, because that's the color of my residential college, Brown. By the time I put this outfit together, I had almost every item in my closet strewn about my room. When I finally thought of pairing these pieces, I felt like I had solved a very difficult equation. And I'm no stranger to math, so I do not make that analogy lightly.

This outfit ended up being perfect for the day - it kept me at just the right temperature, my feet were comfortable, and my college pride was evident. Now, if only it would get warm enough here in San Francisco to wear jean shorts, well, ever...











DSC_4374This picture is like the Where's Waldo? of blog photos. Can you spot my husband?

It's supposed to rain this weekend, and I could not be more excited about it. After a long week of work, I could not be more ready to spend two straight days sitting on my couch, enjoying the Apple TV that my husband picked up for us earlier this week. And while I'm sitting on my couch, I really don't want the pesky sun hanging out outside my window, making me feel guilty for acting like a sloth. So rain, rain, come my way! I'll see you guys back on Monday :)