Dress Well: Lazy Sunday

Madewell shirt, AG jeans, Anthropologie scarf, J. Crew flats, J. Crew bracelet, Tory Burch bag

I don't always change out of my all-Lululemon spandex ensemble on Sundays, but when I do, I usually put on something like this.

Man, guys - this weekend I was the epitome of laziness. I spent tons of time on my couch, watching Breaking Bad, reading my book, and taking long naps. It was glorious. Somehow, we also found time for a fun, fancy dinner out (more on that tomorrow!) and a friend's birthday outing. But mostly I lazed around. What did you do?

Also, I will have it known that I got myself up off the couch and ironed this shirt. But then I sat back down on the couch and typed out an email with my computer in my lap - thus, the wrinkle. I view it as a lesson - I should have just stayed on the couch in the first place.










I love this J. Crew bracelet, but for some reason the clasp always migrates to the front of my wrist. Not exactly the part of the bracelet that I want documented in photographs. So, I make this face and try to flip it around:DSC_6331The face says it all. Let's just hope the bracelet learns a lesson from that kind of shaming.

Goal for the week: start working out again and stop eating doughnuts and ice cream at every turn. When we were doing our laundry yesterday, my husband asked me what I'd done with my workout clothes because there weren't any in the wash. Answer: Ummmmmm, I didn't really wear those this week...? Wakeup call.

I hope you all had as indulgent of a weekend as I did! Here's hoping the week is a little more restrained. Enjoy your Monday.