Dress Well: (New!) Work Wardrobe

Anthropologie blouse, Madewell necklace, Kate Spade bag, Zara heels, 7 For All Mankind jeans, J. Crew bracelet, Essie nail polish

Today I'm headed to the mall to shop for a few new things before I start my new job on Monday. (And let's face it; one of the best things about getting a new job is having a great excuse to go shopping. It feels like I'm buying "first day of school" clothes all over again.) Given that my new job has a way different dress code than my former job (read: casual), I'm excited to pick up a few laid-back clothing items, including printed blouses and sweaters (I'm really fixated on this boat-print blouse), open-toed sandals, a spring/summer bag (really need one of those) and some fun accessories. I'll probably top it all off with a bright nail color - no more worrying whether my nails look "bank appropriate" for me anymore! Of course, knowing me I'll be lucky if I end up finding and settling on even one of these items - my shopping stamina usually lasts about one hour and I am very picky when it comes to buying clothes. So here's hoping that the shopping gods are on my side tomorrow, that the stores aren't crowded, and that I've retained a little knowledge from my banking days about how much money is too much money to spend! I hope you have a great Thursday, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!