Dress Well: Come Sail Away

Anthropologie blouse, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Steve Edelman sandals, J. Crew necklace, J. Crew bangles, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Coach sunglasses (similar)

Two things about this outfit (having two things to say is starting to be a trend. I'm not sure why):

1) Remember when I introduced my love for this shirt in this wish list post? Well, later that week I went to Anthropologie on an all-out hunt for these adorable sailboats. While I usually would have ordered it online, Anthropologie makes you pay for shipping, which is always 10% more than the item itself cost. Ridiculous. Anyway, they didn't have this shirt in the store, and none of the salesladies had ever seen a shirt of its description, but one of the associates stood patiently with me for almost half an hour while we looked it up on the Anthropologie system. We eventually found it, they shipped it for free, and it showed up at my door last week!

2) This outfit represents a big departure for me in that I'm wearing sandals with jeans. I never wear open-toed shoes with jeans (except when I wore them together on Saturday). Something about the proportion of my feet to my legs has always made me feel weird about going open-toed: my feet are really small and narrow, while my legs are thicker and more muscular, so I always used to think that wearing sandals with jeans made my feet look comically small. I know, I know, but we all have our things.









After my downer day two days ago, yesterday was so much better! Yesterday also made me realize that there's something really special about starting off your day being happy - on my drive to work I listened to the This American Life episode called "Coincidences," which kept me smiling and laughing with each successive story. It's hard to come off of 45 happy minutes in the morning and not be happy for the rest of the day, you know? If you ever get a minute, you should listen to that episode - I promise it's impossible not to laugh the entire way through!

Have a great Thursday!