Dress Well: Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

Club Monaco blouse, Madewell jeans, Ivanka Trump heels, Tory Burch bag (similar), Coach sunglasses (similar)

Look good, feel good, play good: I've heard this phrase associated with golf many times, but I think it applies just as fully to everyday life. After having kind of a rough day at work on Tuesday, I decided Wednesday morning that I would throw all of my energy into making the rest of the week wonderful, starting with my clothes. I pulled out my very favorite pink pants (are you guys tired of them yet?), paired them out with my simple but beautiful Club Monaco blouse, and wore heels to work for the first time since I stopped working at the bank. And you know what? It worked. Wednesday ended up being a wonderful day, and Thursday was even better. Given that trajectory, I have high hopes for today!

Side note: one of the things that made Wednesday so wonderful was so many of my sweet coworkers complimenting me on my outfit. You guys are the best!








So, does everyone have a fun Memorial Day weekend lined up? My husband's sister is in town, so we'll be living it up with her, eating delicious meals, drinking wine, taking in the San Francisco sights, and just generally having a great time hanging out and catching up. I hope all of you have something equally as special planned!