Dress Well: Black and {Rose} Gold

Madewell top (similar), Paige jeans (similar), Rebecca Minkoff sandals, Madewell necklace, Michael Kors watch (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag, Coach sunglasses (similar)

I came across these shoes on accident. I was reading someone else's blog post about Memorial Day sales and ended up clicking into the Rebecca Minkoff website, seeing these shoes, and knowing right away that I had to have them. I've bought zero pairs of sandals since I moved to San Francisco two years ago, so lately I've been feeling like it was maybe time to at least up that number to one. Of course, Rebecca Minkoff was sold out of my size (7.5 - always the first to go ) and every other website that could possibly carry them that I could think of was sold out of this beautiful rose gold/black color combination. However, I finally came across them on 6PM.com. Apparently that's Zappo's overstock site...who knew!

As you can likely tell from the photos above (and the blog title) I have a bit of a rose gold obsession. If it comes in rose gold, I will almost definitely buy it. Thus, the rose gold necklace, rose gold watch, and rose gold shoes. Maybe your average person wouldn't wear all of those pieces together, but I just couldn't help myself.









This weekend was absolutely perfect. It wasn't big, it wasn't flashy, but it resulted in me spending a bunch of time thinking about my past and my future, and I loved every minute of it. Plus, we stayed up until 3:00AM both nights this weekend - who are we?

On Friday night my husband and I ended up going out to dinner at a food truck fair near out house, and then hanging out with friends of mine from Bank of America at one of their apartments until 2:15 in the morning. In all the time that I've lived in San Francisco, I've walked back home after the bars close exactly three times. I know, wild child. Saturday morning we met back up with my Bank of America friends and spent a lovely morning in Berkeley - that town is adorable. Friday night and Saturday morning were the first times I've hung out with my BofA friends since I started my new job, so it was wonderful to see them after four long weeks, and even more wonderful to realize that not much has changed since I moved on - we were friends first, coworkers second, and the first designation doesn't rely on the second.

After picking up the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die in a shop in Berkeley, I spent the rest of the weekend completely travel-obsessed. My husband and I are now dead-set on planning a big third wedding anniversary trip for summer 2014, and the thrill I'm currently feeling for all the possibilities is almost intoxicating. Where should we go - St. Barths? Tahiti? Honduras? Croatia? Bali? All I know is that I'm going to keep reading up on the options, and of course I'll let y'all know when we finally make a decision :)

After hearing very good things about the movie series that starts with Before Sunrise, my husband and I watched it and its sequel Before Sunset in quick succession on Saturday night. And let me tell you, friends - I am now completely in love with those movies. The third in the series, Before Midnight, came out this weekend, so of course we went to see it first thing Sunday afternoon. I'm going to contain my gushing to this sentence though, because I'm planning on dedicating a blog post this week to what I think about those movies, plus a little background on how my husband and I met and stayed together...so stay tuned!

Finally, it wasn't spending time with friends, or even watching movies we love that kept my husband and I up til 3:00AM on Saturday. It was...wait for it...chess. Yes, friends, chess. And now that we can officially claim our "nerdiest couple ever" title, I think I'm done for the day.

Have a wonderful Monday.