Be Well: Online Workouts + Liz DiAlto

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Don't let the title mislead you - I'm not saying you can work out by sitting at your desk (if only!) I am saying, however, that today I've got a great online workout resource for you. Liz DiAlto does what I do on this blog, except she does it in video form (and the picture above is enough to get me to like her regardless of her workout philosophy). She has an entire YouTube channel devoted to workout move demonstrations and videos of great workouts that you can do in a short amount of time with a limited amount of space. She has videos featuring almost anything you could want - ab exercises, arm exercises, hotel room exercises, long workouts, short workouts, the list goes on. If you prefer to work out at home or like using the internet to pretend you have a personal trainer (like I do), I think Liz is the perfect resource for you. Check her out!