Be Well: Summer Activities

As I've probably complained about too much on this blog, I've been having trouble getting myself to do traditional workouts as of late. While there are plenty of reasons for this (new job, long commute, weird gym situation), I think one of the main things holding me back is the fact that it's the summer. There's just something about summer, with its beautiful weather and long daylight hours, that makes you want to focus on being social over being in shape. The best way to adapt to summer's effect on your priorities means finding fun, outdoor, social activities that will provide you with some exercise in the process. Below are three of my absolute favorite summer fitness activities - let me know how you like them, and fill me in on your favorites!



A little over a year ago, my husband and I spent a week in the British Virgin Islands with my family. Every day, my dad, siblings and I spent several hours swimming - swimming from the boat to the beach, snorkeling around an island, or just goofing off around the boat. There's something about swimming every day that just makes you feel more alive, you know? In my mind, there is no better exercise than the workout you get when you hop in the ocean or pool. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy the water while you have the chance!


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There are tennis courts everywhere in San Francisco. And not only are they everywhere, but they tend to be situated on the tops of the highest hills with the most incredible views. After two years of walking by, admiring these tennis courts from afar, my husband and I finally walked to a local sporting goods store, bought cheap tennis rackets, and took a whack at playing a game (literally). We discovered that we are terrible at tennis (truly a menace to those on the courts around us) but we've had so much fun playing that we plan to make tennis a regular feature of our weekends. I'm still sore today from playing tennis on Sunday, so I think it's safe to say I at least got a little bit of a workout in!


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I consider almost every walk in San Francisco to be a hike. It's virtually impossible to walk anywhere without climbing a hill, so my husband and I often substitute long walks on weekends for traditional workouts. However, I find classic hikes to be some of the best, most fulfilling, most entertaining ways to exercise. Last summer we hiked through Muir Woods north of the city - spending four hours in gorgeous surroundings, climbing challenging hills, talking to my favorite person in the world was an absolutely fantastic time, and just thinking about it is making me want to do it again! Next time you find yourself with some free time on a weekend, consider finding a hiking trail near where you live. Or even take advantage of long summer nights to walk around your neighborhood!