Be Well: My Night Off

Photo credit: David Jones

Yesterday was our two-year wedding anniversary. Today is the five-year anniversary of when we started dating. Those days, those numbers, are very special to me. I'm proud that two 19 year-olds built this beautiful relationship. I'm proud that two 22 year-olds forged this fantastic marriage. And despite the fact that we spent a large portion of last night re-watching our wedding video, I'm very happy that our wedding wasn't the high point of our time together. Not even close.

I feel like there's a tendency as of late to love out loud. Really, really out loud given the availability of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and blogs, too). And while I'm always a fan of "I love you"s, sometimes I wonder if social media pronouncements of how much you love your spouse/fiance/boyfriend are kind of hollow. More for show, less for substance. More helpful in your pursuit of an image as a loving person, less helpful in, well, being a loving person.

So today, I don't really want to write an essay about about how much and why I love my husband. And I've maxed out on the photos of us together that I'm going to post with sappy captions. Today, tonight, I'm going to do less blogging, more looking at my husband. More smiling at my husband. More thinking about how eternally grateful I am to have him in my life. Less posting about how wonderful he is. More saying it. I'm taking a little bit of a night off. I hope you don't mind.