Dress Well: First In, First Out

J. Crew blouse (old), J.Crew vest (old), Madewell jeans, Steve Madden flats (old), Anthropologie necklace (old), Rebecca Minkoff bag

All I can think while looking at these pictures is, "oh my gosh, I can't WAIT to get a haircut." My long-awaited hair appointment is this weekend, so please excuse my scraggly locks in the meantime.

I've spoken of my deep-seated love for this J. Crew blouse before. I mean, I'm wearing this shirt in the picture in the sidebar on this blog, for goodness sake! This shirt is everywhere in my life, meaning that as soon as it comes back from the drycleaners, I immediately wear it again. I think my drycleaner is under the impression that I own one shirt...I can't blame her.






In completely random news, my husband and I just finished the first three seasons of Arrested Development. I know, I know - our nerd credentials are much diminished by the fact that it took us this long to become AR fans. Anyway, we're going to start the new Netflix season of the show tonight, and I'm so excited - how cool is it that we get to enjoy the old shows and the new shows in such quick succession? I love technology.

Have a great Tuesday!