Dress Well: J. Crew Fall Arrivals

Clockwise, from top: Necklace, Gingham blouse, Polka dot pants, Black skirt, Printed heels, Denim dress, Gray sweater, Chambray shirt

I know what you're probably thinking...it's still summer! It's 100 degrees here! I can't wear fall clothes until November! Well, Southern friends, here in San Francisco it is never too warm for a sweater. So when J. Crew sent out an email heralding the arrival of their first wave of fall clothes, I couldn't have been happier. Since it's 65 degrees (or colder) every day here, I almost never say no to a good long-sleeve shirt. So please, bear with me while I moon over cold-weather clothes. Just remember that I was shivering in a winter coat when you were breaking out the sundresses.

Do you guys have any favorites from their new arrivals?

Happy Thursday, and happy shopping!