Be Well: One Step Forward

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As I told you guys last week, lately I've been struggling to hold myself to fitness standards that used to be second nature to me. That struggle has extended to many parts of my life, most notably my nutritional habits. Since my husband and I generally don't get home from work until a little after 8:00, we often forgo cooking dinner in favor of the lazier option: ordering takeout. So, night after night, we eat pizza and sushi and Chinese food and sometimes top it off with ice cream because the work days are long, you know? And who wants to come home and work for another hour on dinner? But all those order-out meals combined with my struggles getting to the gym have left me feeling heavy, unhealthy, and disappointed. Disappointed in myself, because I know I can do better.

So I've decided to try to make one positive gain per week. This week, my foot forward was chopping vegetables on Sunday night. I know, it sounds trivial. But by investing 15 minutes on Sunday night in chopping our vegetables for the week, I made it possible for us to make homecooked dinners this week. All we have to do is come home from work, throw vegetables and some meat in a pan, and stick it in the oven. It's faster than ordering food. In my mind, that's a win.

I will admit we ignored our already-chopped vegetables last night and ordered a pizza - sometimes bad habits die hard. But tomorrow we'll cook up our vegetables, and that will make it a much healthier week than any week we've had in a long time. And slowly I'll learn not to crave pizza after a long, hard day. I know I will. It just takes time.

Come back next week to learn about my second foot forward! Until then, I would love to hear your secrets for eating healthy during the week.

Have a great Wednesday.