Live Well: A Day at Alcatraz


On Saturday afternoon I made my very first trip out to Alcatraz. Somehow, despite living in San Francisco for over two years now, we had never taken the mile and a half trip across the bay to visit the Rock. Luckily, my brother's visit this past weekend gave us an excellent excuse to do so!

All the credit truly goes to my brother for making this outing happen. We didn't think to buy Alcatraz tickets far in advance like regular, organized tourists, so my brother loitered down on Fisherman's Wharf the day before and found some Alcatraz ticket scalpers who had what we wanted. Let's just say that we didn't purchase the tickets from an upstanding local business - my brother had to pay the money upfront, all in cash, and then come back the morning of the tour to collect the tickets from the scalpers' rolling kiosk. We woke up on Saturday morning placing bets on whether or not we would actually get our tickets, but ended up discovering that our fears, while not exactly unfounded, were not proven true. I'm not recommending this strategy, but I must say the results speak for themselves...



Before heading out to Alcatraz, we spent a few minutes walking around the America's Cup grounds, admiring Larry Ellison's multi-hundred-million dollar yacht (above). What a rough life he must lead.









DSC_7889Don't worry, we didn't aid in anyone or anything's escape.

If you find yourself in San Francisco, I highly suggest taking a couple hours to do the Alcatraz tour. It's a little bit of a hassle getting to and from the island, but touring the prison and admiring the views of the city from the island make it completely worth it. After spending two years gazing out upon the world's most scenic prison, I'm happy to have finally seen the inside. When you go, though, maybe purchase your tickets in advance, online, like normal people do.

Next on the list: the Alcatraz night tour!

I hope everyone had a similarly enjoyable weekend - happy Monday!