Be Well: Second Foot Forward

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Yesterday morning, I went on a run. This may seem like a relatively run-of-the-mill fact to you, but I haven't worked out in five weeks. For five weeks I've been signing up for CrossFit classes and then canceling them, planning on morning runs and then sleeping in, talking about playing tennis on the weekends and then lying on my couch instead. Again and again I've tried to break my streak of being so incredibly lazy, and again and again I've failed. Yesterday, I finally didn't fail.

I often feel like getting back into a workout routine is directly comparable to the physics of getting a ball rolling. Getting back on the workout horse requires you to overcome massive inertia, but once you get the ball rolling, momentum and gravity will help you out. The hard part is that it's on you to make that initial push. And that initial push sucks.

I know I'm probably too proud of finally going on a "run" (let's face it - some of it was walking) but you know what the worst part of my week was? Getting out of bed at 6AM yesterday while my husband was still snuggled under the covers. And the second-worst thing this week was going to bed early on Monday night in order to be able to get out of bed on Tuesday morning. But I did it. And it was worth it. And I think getting up in the morning will get less painful as long as I stick to it.

You know what motivated me to get in that morning workout more than anything? The thought that I could tell you guys about it afterword. Never underestimate the power of having other people keep you honest when it comes to exercise. You guys truly keep me honest - I hope I can return some of the favor.

Anyway, enough of my (small) workout victories! Today should be an interesting day - I'm headed down to L.A. to meet with one of our clients! It will be a quick day trip, but it should be fun. Of course, I somehow ended up flying into the Oakland airport...on the night that they're closing the Bay my drive back home will be interesting...but I guess that just makes me a true resident of the Bay Area, you know?

Have a great day.