Dress Well: Getting Out the Kinks

Anthropologie shirt, Paige jeans (similar), Zara heels, TEXI leather bag, J. Crew bracelet (old)

The title of this post should probably be "putting in the kinks," rather than taking them out. When my husband saw me this morning he immediately said "your shirt matches your hair!" Which is a really observant comment for a guy when you think about it.

This wavy, braid-wet-hair-on-Sunday-night hair has pretty much become my Monday routine (because who wants to shower on Monday morning, right?). The realization that this shirt looked good with the sleeves rolled up came through an interesting set of circumstances - I was wearing this shirt one night and got so warm at dinner that I had to roll up the sleeves in order to avoid sweating to death. I got home and realized that the shirt didn't look half bad like that. I probably never would have thought of rolling them up on my own - I definitely rely on unusual circumstances to inspire original outfit choices.






I really don't know what to do with wavy hair.


Have a great day!