Be Well: Hitting the Pause Button


I think it's time for me to hit 'pause' on this whole diet and exercise thing. I know, I know, I'm only two weeks in. But I have my reasons, I promise.

Since I started the diet, I've felt like my body was in a constant revolt against me. Two Tuesdays ago, I had scheduled to go to a CrossFit class at 6AM, only to wake up with a brain-shattering migraine at 5AM. Obviously, I had to cancel. The following day I went to a CrossFit running class, but had to duck into the bushes for a few minutes as I willed myself to keep from throwing up. The following week I signed up to attend CrossFit on Wednesday and Friday, made it to class on Wednesday, but then was up almost all Thursday night/Friday morning getting very sick, which caused me to cancel again.

Basically I've been feeling like I can't win. The trend has continued this week - I was scheduled to go to CrossFit again today, but now I have a really unpleasant cold, so I canceled in favor of sleep. I have no doubt that it was the right decision for my body, but I'm getting pretty frustrated at the fact that I seem to never be able to make it to the gym, despite what I believe are truly my best efforts. My body is just not cooperating.

So, I sat down, I thought about it, and I'm going to hit the 'pause' button for a few days. I've been feeling like someone who can't step into a revolving door because it's swinging around too fast, so I think I need to take a few minutes to myself out on the pavement while I wait for it to slow down. As I've already mentioned this week, my husband and I are going to Seattle with my parents on Thursday night to enjoy a long weekend in that beautiful city. I think it's the perfect opportunity to relax my eating restrictions, stop thinking about the gym, and spend three days outside, eating delicious meals, enjoying beautiful scenery, and laughing and talking with my parents and husband. All I want is to come back from this trip feeling refreshed, and I think if I start thinking about having a good time, and stop worrying about missing workouts or getting sick, I'll feel completely rejuvenated when I come back to San Francisco.

I'll be back on track next week! Until then, have a wonderfully healthy Wednesday.