Dress Well: Like a Long Weekend

All Saints leather jacket, Madewell blouse, Paige jeans (old), Steve Madden flats (old), Anthropologie (old), J. Crew bangle, Coach sunglasses (old)

I can't find much to say about this outfit, other than I feel like it's an outfit entirely composed of my wardrobe staples - leather jacket, leopard flats, J. Crew bangles, favorite jeans, and Anthropologie necklace. The miles I've gotten out of almost all of these items is unbelievable - isn't it so funny that no matter how many pieces of clothing you have, you end up wearing a select few over and over and over again? I'll have to do a post sometime soon on my best buys ever based on a price-per-wear metric. Let me tell you, these jeans will definitely be on that list.









Well, it may be a long weekend for you, but it is not a long weekend for me. Sigh. If I still worked at Bank of America, I would have today off, but let me tell you right now: that trade is NOT worth it. However, my weekend was so jam-packed with fun times with friends and quality time spent with my husband that it almost feels like I had an extra day in there. I even got to spend the last part of my weekend watching Grease on ABC Family (...speaking of leather jackets, right?). I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE that movie. I must have seen it 200 times when I was a kid. I still know the majority of the dialogue by heart. I'll let you judge my taste in movies for yourselves.

Have a great Monday!