Dress Well: Bundled Up Love

J. Crew vest (very similar), Madewell sweater (old), J. Crew leggings, Tory Burch boots, J. Crew bracelet, J. Crew bangles, TEXI leather bag

One thing must be said about writing a blog where you end up looking at a bunch of pictures of yourself - you become acutely aware of when you need a haircut. All I can think as I'm sitting here, looking at these pictures is "yikes!" It's been three months since my last haircut and it couldn't be more obvious. Please excuse my split ends, general fuzzy hair texture, and overgrown roots...

In other news, it's still cold here! So my love affair with sweaters and puffer vests continues. It felt so wintry I even dug out my Tory Burch boots. I'm expecting a formal thank you note from my feet for sparing them from freezing to death in flats yesterday (which is my general strategy - growing up in Texas means you have NO IDEA how to dress warmly). It's been very chilly and gray all week, so I'm hoping to carve out some time this weekend to snuggle on my couch with some hot chocolate and a book. Snuggling is pretty much the official sport of the fall season, right?





DSC_2543Have a wonderful weekend!