Live Well: It's Almost My Birthday, And I Will Cry If I Want To

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I had this great idea for today's post. I was going to do a wishlist of 25 items, because as of today we are officially 25 days away from my 25th birthday, which will occur on November 25th. Such a clever idea, right? Right.

Unfortunately, that post is just not happening. Not happening today, at least. At this moment I'm kind of feeling like this week pinned me down and punched me in the face. So today you're getting a pretty picture of a birthday cake! And on Monday you'll be getting the 25 items that I hope to get for my birthday (or Christmas!).

See you back here on Monday - in the meantime, let the countdown to my mid-twenties begin! And have a great weekend. Mine's going to include a Cards Against Humanity party. Are you jealous? You should be :)