Live Well: Ten Days 'Til a Texan T-Giving


This was not the kind of weekend where my husband and I took blog photos. After traveling last weekend, and three long days of work after that, all I wanted was to spend all weekend with no makeup on, lazing around our apartment. While that kind of weekend is sometimes the most enjoyable, it doesn't make for many great photo ops.

Per the usual, our weekend highlights were mainly meals, namely dinner on Saturday night at Ichi Sushi (with an obligatory stop at Bi-Rite for ice cream afterwards, of course) as well as a late, no-frills brunch on Sunday morning (okay, afternoon) at Art's Cafe. Sometimes I worry that we live too decadently, and then I think man, that's a great problem to have.

Honestly, above all I'm counting down the minutes until we fly to Texas for Thanksgiving next Wednesday afternoon. I can't wait to see our families, eat heaping mounds of savory bread pudding and pumpkin pie, and probably get destroyed by my siblings in a family Thanksgiving Crossfit workout. I can only hope that the weather will be holiday-appropriate - 80-degree Thanksgivings just aren't quite as festive, you know?

Have a great week.