Live Well: Holiday Hustle

Image via Vmac + cheese

Well, we made it! It's Friday and I couldn't be happier. We're now officially at six workdays left on my countdown clock to Christmas in Austin - it's amazing how time flies by.

While all I want to do this weekend is curl up next to our Christmas tree in our cozy apartment, my to-do list just isn't going to let that happen. My company's Christmas party is tonight (so exciting!) and then we have a weekend full of Christmas shopping / present finalization to do. The weekend will be busy, but all of that will be well worth it once it's time to board our plane a week from today!

I know all of you guys will be hustling and bustling around town this weekend, but I hope for your sake (and for mine, too) that we all get a few quiet moments to read a book, go on a walk, or watch a Christmas movie. This time of year it's so easy to get swept up in all there is to do, that we often have to force ourselves to stop, slow down, and enjoy the smaller things about the season. Amid all my to-dos this weekend I'm hoping to buy some flowers like the gorgeous ones above and take a walk around our neighborhood. What are you looking forward to? I'd love to know.

Have a great weekend!