Dress Well: Print Party

J. Crew shirt (on CRAZY sale!), J. Crew leggings, Rebecca Minkoff sandals, Madewell necklace, Unknown bracelet (gift from my sister-in-law!), Rebecca Minkoff bag

Okay, "print party" is maybe a little too much. I mean, I'm only wearing one print...unless you count the print on the inside of my purse. Which really shouldn't be counted.

Nonetheless, this is a LOT of print for me. And you know what? I love it. This shirt is so easy, so comfortable, and so cute that I've been reaching for it again and again. Also, it's on SUPER sale right now at J. Crew, so if you like it, now's the time to buy!








Not to be predictable...but we had another awesome weekend. We crossed an item off the 7x7 100 foods list, continued our Oscar-nominated movie viewing streak by going to see 12 Years a Slave, and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Nopalito with friends. Something about this weekend really reminded me what is important in life, reminded me that the vast majority of the things I worry about are both silly and fleeting. This week, I'm going to focus on stressing less, smiling more. How cheesy is that? I guess a good weekend will do that to a person.

Oh, ALSO - the thing that is making me super happy right now is the fact that this Twitter account exists. Yes, it's a Twitter account devoted to pictures of engagement rings spotted on the bus I used to take to work in SF's financial district. If you've ever heard me talk about the size of the rocks that I used to see on my commute (and thought that I was exaggerating), take a look!

Have a great Monday.