Live Well: Grumpy Valentine's

Image via Jonathan Caslan photography, found via VMac + Cheese

If I could eliminate one holiday from our cultural consciousness, it would be Valentine's Day. It's the worst. Even when you're in a happy relationship, everything about it always seems second-rate. If your husband/boyfriend/BFF doesn't do something for you, you feel terrible about yourself. But almost anything they can do always seems a little cheesy. It's our once-yearly reminder that it's hard to make obligatory demonstrations of love look meaningful.

Luckily, my husband very kindly accommodates his Scrooge of a wife - tonight we will be staying home, watching TV, and eating takeout ramen. No fancy dinners, no red lipstick, no champagne. Just time spent relaxing on our couch, tucked away from the world, enjoying another normal night together. It's funny - although Valentine's Day is not my thing, my husband's and my distinct lack of traditional Valentine's celebration is one of many reminders that I've found the right person for me in life. I guess the holiday has accomplished its purpose after all.

Hopefully a few of you love Valentine's Day a bit more than I do! No matter what your Valentine's plans are tonight, I hope you have a lovely time.

Have a very happy weekend!