Dress Well: Accidentally Green

J. Crew shirt, Paige jeans, Madewell booties, TEXI leather bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

True story - when I grabbed this shirt out of my closet yesterday, I didn't realize it was St. Patrick's Day. I was just looking for something I hadn't worn in awhile. I'm not really into the whole St. Patrick's Day thing, but sometimes some accidental festivity can be just right.








I have to admit, yesterday was a pretty great Monday. Last week, I listened to an interesting interview where the interviewee talked a bit about work culture in Denmark. Apparently shorter, more intense work hours are common there - workers are supposed to come to work, get their work done as efficiently as possible, and then head home. I decided I should apply that principal to my own life, so yesterday I focused on being as productive in every minute as possible.

While I wouldn't say I succeeded in all minutes, I ended up wrapping up about 45 minutes earlier than I usually do, and driving home while the sun was still shining for the first time yet in 2014. Who knows what the rest of the week will throw my way, but at least I got one leisurely night in the sun :)

Hopefully your Monday wasn't too bad either - see you back here tomorrow!