Live Well: Back in the Swing of Things


Friends, I wasn't lying when I said my trips would interfere with my blogging consistency. Thanks for sticking with me.

On Sunday night I got back from a fantastic trip to Texas. In one visit I somehow managed to 1) go wedding dress shopping with my sister [and have the honor of watching her find a PERFECT dress!] 2) meet with two LOVELY readers of this blog at Rice [hi Sam and Charlotte!!] 3) catch up with one of my best friends from high school 4) catch up with not one, but TWO of my best friends from college 5) spend lots of quality time with my four wonderful siblings [who I love more than words can describe] and 6) celebrate my mom's birthday. That's doesn't even include all the time I got to spend laughing with my family, drinking great wine, rambling around my old haunts, and just generally enjoying myself. It was a great trip.

And while it was a fantastic trip, it was the second weekend in a row that I spent away from my husband. That's the first time we've been apart for back-to-back weekends since we got married. Reuniting with him in the airport Sunday night was like celebrating the end of long distance all over again - I don't want to be apart for that many days EVER again!

The craziness isn't quite over - my husband's parents come into town on Thursday! It's been a series of tiring, fun weekends, and this upcoming one will be no exception. I can't wait to show them some of our favorite spots around town, and even take a trip up to Sonoma!


Other random thoughts for your Tuesday morning:

1) I started reading The Goldfinch on my flight back to San Francisco, and so far, it's fantastic. I'll of course dedicate an entire post to it once I finish reading it, but if you've been considering starting the book, I would jump right in!

2) I've been using the Songza app to listen to music at work, and its "Today's Singer-Songwriters" playlist has been rocking my world.

3) Does anyone else feel like an alternate title for the How I Met Your Mother finale could be Worst Finale Ever ? Did you enjoy it?


We'll be returning to normal programming after today's messages :) See you tomorrow, y'all!