Dress Well: San Francisco Spring

All Saints leather jacket, J. Crew sweater, J Brand jeans, J. Crew flats (old), J. Crew necklace (old), Clare Vivier clutch

 I have a confession to make: living in San Francisco has made me kind of hate Spring. Don't get me wrong: I like the idea of Spring. And I like San Francisco. But unfortunately, while the rest of the country is enjoying warming temperatures and blooming flowers, our weather remains the same as it always does: just cold enough to be wearing a jacket. So while everyone is is pulling out their sundresses and embracing pastels, I'm mourning the fact that it's awfully hard to look seasonally-appropriate when sweaters and leather still need to be a part of my wardrobe. For the next couple months, just pretend it's Fall when reading this blog, okay?





Did everyone have a good weekend? We certainly did. We continued to keep things low-key while eating out as frequently as possible. On Friday night we went over to our friends' house for dinner, where they cooked us an AMAZING meal (that was up to our Whole30 standards!). Saturday we bummed around town before heading to TBD for dinner - a restaurant that should change its name to "The Most Paleo-Friendly Place Ever." Seriously. If you like to stick to meat and vegetables, TBD will be your no-sugar-added jam.

 Yesterday we went to Ella's for brunch (it was great!) and then spent some time at the mall (the spoils of which you will see later this week, I'm sure). We closed the weekend out the same way we did last week - watching Mad Men and making a recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. I never claimed to have an exciting life.

Speaking of exciting, I will be hopping on a plane yet again this week! But this time only for a quick day trip down the coast. After that, I don't have another trip planned until June - here's hoping it stays that way. Regardless, I'll be posting here regularly - have a great week!