Dress Well: Those Summer Nights

Banana Republic blouse (old), J. Crew jeans, Chie Mihara wedges, Anthropologie cuff (old), Anthropologie bag (old), Ray-Ban sunglasses

Confession: I am a HUGE Grease fan. You know, in case you were wondering about the title of this post.

You guys - summer has arrived! It got up to 90 degrees in San Francisco today - if that isn't summer what is? Of course, I could barely sleep last night because it was so warm (we don't do air conditioning in this neck of the woods) but overall I would say that it was worth it, if for nothing else than to get to experience the all-too-rare feeling of walking outside and having my first thought NOT be "man, I could really use a jacket."

The unseasonably warm weather gave me a great reason to pull this old-but-good blouse out of my closet. Also, didn't I tell you I was going to be living in these wedges?




From the files of "bizarre things that make me smile": yesterday was definitely an interesting day for driving. On my way home from work, I pulled onto the freeway next to a guy who was playing a trumpet...while driving. Like, left hand on the steering wheel, right hand on the trumpet. It was wild. What was even better, though, was the electronic traffic sign I saw on my way into work. I thought it was notifying me of a wreck, but no - it said, "TURN BACK. GODZILLA ATTACK." To whoever programmed that sign - I request the highest of fives.

Rounding out what is already a great week - I got the items I ordered from Anthropologie over the weekend (they had a 15% off sale - I had to) last night! I'm really excited about what I snagged - can't wait to show you guys.

Have a great Wednesday.