Dress Well: No Effort


J. Crew shirt (on sale!), Paige Denim jeans, Rebecca Minkoff sandals (old), Madewell necklace, Anthropologie bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Well friends, this is about as authentic as it gets - I'm not lying when I say that next to no effort was put into this outfit. We took these pictures while walking to the neighborhood corner store - I ran out of ingredients as I was baking a second batch of cookies for my co-workers. You can tell by the uneven makeup and messy hair that I spent most of yesterday working in the kitchen, and very little of yesterday worrying how I looked. It may not be a terribly inspirational look, but I promise it's an authentic one!




DSC_4452We had a nice, quiet, borderline-boring weekend, which is exactly what I needed. It involved a LOT of baking, a crazy-hard Crossfit workout ("Schmalls," for the three people who read this blog who know what that is), getting my nails done, and wine and cheese on our rooftop deck.

Also - I owe you all a very late "thank you" for all your kind words on our anniversary! The texts, emails, Facebook posts, and blog comments were all so, so appreciated.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!