Dress Well: Roadside Attraction


All Saints jacket, J. Crew shirt (old), American Eagle jeans, J. Crew shoes, Madewell necklace (not online), Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of taking a day trip to Napa with four of our friends. We spent the day going to wine tastings, picnicking, and just generally having a good time. If you haven't been wine tasting before - GO WINE TASTING. You won't believe how much fun it is.

I'm realizing looking at these pictures that the black leather + ripped jeans + aviators + gravel surroundings are making me look way edgier than I actually am. I kind of like this version of me. Shall we call her Ashley?

The other thing I can't help but notice when looking at these pictures is that my baby hairs decided to mutiny and make a little tornado crown. So that's cool.









(This photo will be a top contender for the image on the cover of my first solo album...obviously.)

Well, did everyone have a good week? I did, although the work hours were long and the sleep hours were short. Hopefully I'll reverse that trend over the upcoming long weekend! Due to the aforementioned short sleep hours, I'm a little too tired to regale you with my opinions on the Oscar nominations that were announced yesterday: another time, perhaps?

Finally, I just realized that I haven't yet said this: THANK YOU all for supporting my return to blogging with so much enthusiasm! Writing these posts has been the absolute highlight of the last two weeks. Your views, likes, comments, and general encouragement reminded me why I loved this hobby so much in the first place.

I'll be back next week with regularly scheduled programming.

Have an awesome long weekend.