Dress Well: Blue Fog


Anthropologie shirt, Current/Elliott velvet-print jeans (available used on eBay), Steve Madden booties (on sale!), J. Crew necklace (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag

I present to you: the return of the rooftop picture! It's been far too long since we last utilized the spectacular view our rooftop affords - as a result, I'm vowing to never again go so long without clambering out to the unfinished top of our apartment building. Isn't that sweeping view oh-so-worth living on the edge?

This post combines two things I love: this view of San Francisco, and this entire outfit. These jeans I've had for two years now, and I will never tire of them. They've got velvet appliqués: need I say more? Also, this is the most comfortable shirt that ever existed. Over the holidays I took a trip to Anthro with my husband's family, and both of his sisters and I walked out with this shirt courtesy of our lovely mother! It's miraculous Anthro hasn't sold out of them quite yet - get it while you can!









 And because I'm incapable of taking myself seriously, and want you to know that the majority of photos I take are hideous:

DSC_6065(You're welcome.)

Did you guys have the pleasure of enjoying a three-day weekend this weekend? I did, although my husband didn't. We made the most of the weekend by cooking delicious dinners, going to delicious brunches (photos from one of those brunches later this week), and spending time with some of our closest friends. The photos above were taken right before we headed over to our friend's house for dinner, followed by a night at the comedy club. We saw Michael Yo (who I think I had seen before on Chelsea Lately). The surprising upside to his show is that he's from Houston, and talks about Houston in his act - I'm always happy to find a little hometown love in unexpected places.

I then spent my Monday flying solo, cleaning our apartment (which I enjoy...don't judge), getting my nails done, and doing a bit more cooking. I also got to catch up on the first two episodes of Girls, which I loved because Lena Dunham is an unselfconscious genius who I am happy to have as the "voice of our generation" (cue eyeroll at that phrase). All in all, it was a very nondescript day, but I am 100% okay with that.

 I'm not quite sure I'm ready to dive back into work today - but I suppose I don't have a choice. Have a great week, all!