Live Well: Parachute, or The Best Sleep You Ever Had


 A few months back, I read this post on Cupcakes and Cashmere about a homespun bedding company that sought to make a superior sheet. I immediately sent the link to my husband, because we constantly joke that our bed is "the cloud bed" and is the comfiest place in the entire world. Could it be even comfier, we asked ourselves?

We decided to give Parachute Bedding a try (that's the name of the company, in case you're terrible at context clues and/or you didn't click on the links). We first ordered their fabric swatches, because our duvet cover is a silvery gray, and our sheets are a slate gray. We didn't want white sheets, and we didn't want a gray sheet that would clash with our beloved duvet. Unfortunately, the gray color that Parachute offered just didn't work, so we put our hopes of finding a superior sheet on hold and contented ourselves with what we had.

But then, lo and behold, just days after we had given up, my husband received an email from the Parachute mailing list announcing their newest sheet color: slate! We knew it was a done deal right then. (And yes, we were so committed that my husband took the extra step of signing up for their mailing list.)DSC_6401


DSC_6429We ended up asking for the sheets for Christmas, since the holiday was getting close. My mother-in-law bought us not one but TWO lovely sets.

The verdict, you ask? Definitely the best sheets I've ever slept in. I would buy them without hesitation if we had to do it all over again. It's hard to describe why I like them so much better - apparently they are hand-crafted by Italian artisans using long-grain Egyptian cotton. What that means exactly, I'm not sure. All I know is that they're softer yet crisper, cooler (a necessity for me, because I tend to be 1,000 degrees while sleeping), and simultaneously feel like you just cleaned them while being the softest sheets you ever slept in, two qualities which do not always go hand-in-hand!

We now sleep with their fitted and flat sheets, as well as their pillowcases. (Side note: they do not recommend the flat sheet as a general rule. I couldn't live without one, but was interested to hear that so many people are happier without!)

Not only do I sleep in the Platonic Form of a cloud bed these days, I also love the idea of supporting a tiny business that makes a superior product. Being able to buy from companies like Parachute is one of the things I enjoy most about the power of the internet. I mean, the founder sent a hand-written thank you note along with the sheets, for crying out loud. I have a few more niche, high-quality brands that I've been loving lately - more about those in some future posts.

Are you on the hunt for new sheets or a better night's sleep? If so, I recommend giving Parachute a try - they'll send you swatches so you can make sure you're happy with the color, and I promise their sheets are heaven! You'll be sleeping like a bear in hibernation in no time.


How is it that short weeks always feel forever long? Thankfully, last night's episodes of Parks and Rec distracted me from the fact that I got home after 8PM and ate leftovers for dinner. I completely missed the State of the Union speech, although I did enjoy The Skimm's joke yesterday about how John Boehner would be "the one in orange" (I'm guessing that turned out to be accurate). Oh well - if you can only pick one overly-patriotic figure to watch per night, who better to choose than Leslie Knope?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!