Dress Well: Neighborhood Brunch


Madewell sweater (on sale!), American Eagle jeans, Steve Madden booties, J. Crew scarf (old), Madewell bag (Cuyana version in burgundy), Ray-Ban sunglasses

There's a restaurant in our neighborhood that makes the absolute best huevos rancheros I've ever had (I'm sorry, Dad! Yours are an extremely close second!). So when I woke up starving this past Sunday, I knew it would be worth trekking through the cold, gray, foggy weather to make those huevos mine. Plus, there isn't any San Francisco weather that can't be beaten by a wool sweater and a scarf/blanket (seriously, this scarf is enormous). DSC_6282






 A very big thank you to EVERYONE for all the love on my post about Parachute sheets on Wednesday! I mentioned in that post that one great thing about small brands is the personal touches they add, such as including a handwritten note from the CEO. The OTHER great thing, I've since learned, is the fact that they will find, notice, and publicly appreciate your little blog post about their brand! I truly write this blog for my friends and family - but it's so fun when I get to interact with people who make products I love as an unintended consequence.

Is everyone else oh so glad it's Friday? I sure am. Early morning Crossfit classes, long days of work, and bad traffic have been the hallmark of this week. Also, I almost ran out of gas last night on a busy street here in the city...note to self, your gas gauge being about half a millimeter off of the red zone means you DO NOT have enough gas to make it all the way home. But a hard week just means the weekend is that much more enjoyable, right? Right.

Happy, happy Friday.

Dress Well: Roadside Attraction


All Saints jacket, J. Crew shirt (old), American Eagle jeans, J. Crew shoes, Madewell necklace (not online), Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of taking a day trip to Napa with four of our friends. We spent the day going to wine tastings, picnicking, and just generally having a good time. If you haven't been wine tasting before - GO WINE TASTING. You won't believe how much fun it is.

I'm realizing looking at these pictures that the black leather + ripped jeans + aviators + gravel surroundings are making me look way edgier than I actually am. I kind of like this version of me. Shall we call her Ashley?

The other thing I can't help but notice when looking at these pictures is that my baby hairs decided to mutiny and make a little tornado crown. So that's cool.









(This photo will be a top contender for the image on the cover of my first solo album...obviously.)

Well, did everyone have a good week? I did, although the work hours were long and the sleep hours were short. Hopefully I'll reverse that trend over the upcoming long weekend! Due to the aforementioned short sleep hours, I'm a little too tired to regale you with my opinions on the Oscar nominations that were announced yesterday: another time, perhaps?

Finally, I just realized that I haven't yet said this: THANK YOU all for supporting my return to blogging with so much enthusiasm! Writing these posts has been the absolute highlight of the last two weeks. Your views, likes, comments, and general encouragement reminded me why I loved this hobby so much in the first place.

I'll be back next week with regularly scheduled programming.

Have an awesome long weekend.

Dress Well: High School Flashback

DSC_5251J. Crew shirt (on major, major sale), American Eagle jeans, Madewell booties, J. Crew necklace (old), Anthropologie bag (old), Ray-Ban sunglasses

I have two confessions to make:

First - these pictures were taken a long time ago (back in October, I think). I don't live in some sort of warm January wonderland where sleeveless shirts are totally comfortable in the middle of the winter (sadly).

Second - I'm wearing American Eagle jeans. ...I know. For all of you who are 26 like me and just shuddered at the thought of what you used to wear in high school...I am right there with you. I bought these jeans because American Eagle is one of shopkick's clients, and I was testing out a discount that we have in our app. I then waited a month longer to wear them because high school Natalie was shouting "don't do it!" across the space-time continuum. But then I put them on and realized they're the greatest, cheapest thing to ever happen to my wardrobe. I've been wanting "destroyed" jeans forever, and I managed to get them for $35!






DSC_5391Did anyone else wake up this morning singing the "Friday" song to themselves? I'm pretty thankful to have made it successfully through the first week back after the holiday (although it wasn't painless). Going to Crossfit on Tuesday and Wednesday morning resulted in me being so incredibly, thoroughly sore that I currently am incapable of walking like a normal human. But hey - I'm shuffling around now so I can avoid shuffling around when I'm an old lady. Worth it, right?

As usual, I am very excited for the upcoming weekend. We're likely going to see one of the many spectacular-looking movies that are currently out (I'm really excited about Selma) and are also taking a day trip up to wine country with some of our friends. And I'm sure there will be some enjoyment of sunshine and 60-degree weather in there, too. I hope you've got plenty of things to look forward to this weekend as well!

Have a wonderful Friday.