Dress Well: Workout Clothes

Everything in the collage above is something that I actually wear to the gym. They're my standbys, the little things that brighten up my workout. I've found it's so much easier to drag yourself out of bed and into the gym if you dress comfortably AND look cute - don't you agree?

1. American Apparel sweatshirt. Essential for bundling myself up on my way to the gym on cold San Francisco mornings.

2. Lululemon tank. Ain't nobody who can do tanks like Lululemon. The rest of their stuff is great too (I'm sure I'll post about their fantastic crops at some point in the future) but the basic Cool Racerback tank is a tried and true staple. You'll wear it all the time and it will last forever - pretty darn good for gym clothing.

3. Champion sports bra. I bought my Champion sports bras from Target back in high school (circa 2004). I still wear them (and love them) all the time. Not bad for under $10.

4. Thermos water bottle. Obviously this is my one workout item that you can't live without. I understand. You could buy it for $18, OR you could do what I did and wait for a friend in marketing to give it to you because her corporation had leftover free swag. I'm clearly very particular about my water bottles.

5. Asics socks. It's ridiculous. These socks are $10. My husband and I bought some a few months ago because we were desperately low on socks and the Fleet Feet store that we wandered into DIDN'T PUT PRICES ON THEIR SOCKS (who does that?!?!). So we accidentally purchased six pairs of $10+ socks. But you know what? They're really awesome, cushy, zero blister socks. And I wear them all the time.

6. Nike tennis shoes. Every SINGLE time I go to buy myself a new pair of tennis shoes, I tell myself, "You don't need the Nikes. Just something simple and relatively inexpensive." Then I walk into the athletic store and see the HUGE Nike shoe display with all the fun colors and I become that moth that's stuck in your light fixture. Then I walk out of the store with a $150 pair of shoes. Damn it, Nike.

7. Nike running shorts. My nineteen-year-old sister tells me that Nike running shorts are no longer "in." It's all about different brands of running shorts now. Girls are branching out, moving on. Well, I will not be branching or moving. I'm basically in a committed relationship with my Nike shorts. I've tried other running shorts, but nothing is nearly as comfortable as Nike. So goodbye, other girls! More Nike shorts for me.

8. Creaseless ponytail holders. I blame my mother- and sisters-in-law for my inclusion of these ponytail holders on this list - I borrowed some from them over Christmas last year and I was hooked! It's a little ridiculous that I'm even including them on this list - it takes two of these to hold my hair back when I'm working out because my hair is so straight and slippery. But I love them anyway, and I will keep buying them for $2 apiece. Ridiculous.

Do you have gym tried-and-trues that you rely on?