Be Well: Bicep Curl to Overhead Press (Workout Wednesday)

Today I'm excited to start writing about something that is very important to me: weight lifting in women's workouts. As I said in my first post, I think that women are often deprived of an education on the importance of weight training and how to do it. My hope is to make this blog a source of educational material on weight lifting for those of you who'd like to learn a bit more. I want to say this up front (and will possibly repeat it in all subsequent workout-related posts): lifting weights will not give you bulky muscles. It will not happen unless you are hitting the gym every day of the week while eating an extremely high-protein diet. And even then, your hormones will still go a long way in preventing you from building bulky muscle. What weight training will do is strengthen your skeleton, improve your baseline metabolism, and make you a healthier (and hopefully happier) human.

One more thing about weight training: you should be lifting AT LEAST 10 lbs. More importantly, you CAN lift at least 10 lbs. Anything less won't get you stronger, leaner, more toned arms. In order to get results, you should choose a weight that is challenging to lift. I know from experience that the rack of weights at the gym can be remarkably intimidating when you're a woman. Combat that intimidation by walking up to that weight rack, grabbing a set of 10 lb weights (or even heavier ones!) and doing the exercise outlined below the next time you're at the gym:

1) Start with your hands at your side.

2) Slowly curl the weight towards your shoulders.

3) Once you've lifted the weight to your shoulders, rotate your arms outward until they're in a goalpost position.

4) Press the weight overhead until your arms are straight. Avoid arching your back. Finish the exercise by completing the moves above in the reverse order. For beginning weightlifters, I suggest trying to complete one set of ten reps lifting at least ten lbs. For more experienced weightlifters, try for two or three sets of ten reps with 15 lbs.

Have a very healthy Wednesday!