Dress Well: 25 for 25

25 for 25It's getting to be that time of year again: the holidays. Or, as I like to call it, That Month Between My Birthday and Christmas. I was born on November 25th, and I'd like to give you two reasons why it is the best birthday of all time: 1) Of the seven possible days of the week where my birthday could fall, only three of them are work days. And really, it's more like two and a half of them are work days, because the Wednesday before Thanksgiving barely counts. 2) November 25th is just far enough away from Christmas to avoid getting birthday/Christmas items. Instead, I get bunches of wonderful fall clothes every year, which is absolutely ideal given that I live in San Francisco, where the weather eternally feels like fall.

All of this is the really long way of saying that the 25 items above are what's on my birthday wishlist. Item details, starting in the top left are:

Anthropologie printed shift dress.

Lorac eyeshadow.

Clare Vivier clutch.

Tarte blush.

Madewell coated motorcycle jeans.

Citizens of Humanity jeans.

Lululemon striped long-sleeve shirt.

J. Crew pink cashmere hat.

Madewell ripped jeans.

Anthropologie black/white shift dress.

Sephora lip favorites.

J. Crew tweed sleeve blouse.

Lululemon pants.

Williams-Selyem wine (kind of cheating, since my dad already told me he set aside a few bottles for me - doesn't make me any less excited)

Anthropologie red dress.

J. Crew pink purse.

J. Crew owl blouse (perfect for the Rice grad in your life).

Lululemon jacket.

J. Crew leather sleeve blouse.

Madewell brown boots.

J. Crew houndstooth scarf.

Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Lululemon sports bra.

Anthropologie striped dress.

Lululemon tank top.

Live Well: It's Almost My Birthday, And I Will Cry If I Want To

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I had this great idea for today's post. I was going to do a wishlist of 25 items, because as of today we are officially 25 days away from my 25th birthday, which will occur on November 25th. Such a clever idea, right? Right.

Unfortunately, that post is just not happening. Not happening today, at least. At this moment I'm kind of feeling like this week pinned me down and punched me in the face. So today you're getting a pretty picture of a birthday cake! And on Monday you'll be getting the 25 items that I hope to get for my birthday (or Christmas!).

See you back here on Monday - in the meantime, let the countdown to my mid-twenties begin! And have a great weekend. Mine's going to include a Cards Against Humanity party. Are you jealous? You should be :)

Be Well: Hitting Snooze

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Disclaimer: this post is not actually about sleep.

I'm hitting snooze on writing a "real" blog post today...last night (and the night before) was a long, late night, so I'm just not feeling well enough to write about being well, you know?

Instead, you're going to get some random bits and pieces from my brain:

While we're on the subject of alarm clocks, I thought that I would share that I still use the analog alarm clock my mom gave to me circa 1994. I believe the message passed on with it was "I know you're in kindergarten, but I don't have time to get you out of bed. Figure out how to set an alarm." (Side note: this was a very justified comment. I have four younger siblings.) As a result, I'm great at waking up to alarm clocks and awfully attached to my near-broken lifeline to wakefulness. Yes, it emits a loud static sound any time you get too close to it (not joking) and pressing the minute button requires the finger strength of a champion harpist (also not joking) but my trusty alarm has always been a constant in my life, so I won't be swapping it out any time soon.

I, like every other quasi-TV snob in America right now, am obsessed with Orange is the New Black. My husband and I have watched an episode every night this week - I'm glad we found a new show so soon after finishing Arrested Development.

Most importantly, today is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday, Daddy! I wish more than anything that I could be at home in Texas to celebrate with you. I love you very much.

Back tomorrow with something less random!