Dress Well: Love for Denim


Madewell chambray shirt, Paige Denim jeans, Chie Mihara wedges, J. Crew bracelet (old), Anthropologie bag (old), Ray-Ban sunglasses

This isn't one of my most inventive outfits, but it's easily one of my favorites in recent memory - which would explain why I've worn it twice in three days. When you put together a great outfit over the weekend, why not trot it back out on Monday?

You'll also notice that, for once, I'm not wearing my hair down and straight. When your hair is as slippery and prone to wispiness as mine, it's hard to throw together any hairstyle that looks half-decent. However, when faced with circumstances that called upon me to rise above my normal course of action - in this case, going out for barbecue and needing my hair out of my face - I somehow managed to summon some creativity and braid my hair. I know - revolutionary. And it only fell apart twice. See the end of this post for a closer look!








DSC_3236Not sure why my hair looks red in this picture - although I kind of like it!

I wish I had something interesting about my life to add here, but almost all of my leisure time has gone towards watching Orange is the New Black - so if you want to hear about anything else, you're out of luck. Hopefully I'll be interesting again (was I interesting in the first place?) in about a week or so.

Happy Tuesday.

Dress Well: Taking Stock

Anthropologie blouse (SUPER old), Paige Denim jeans, Zara heels (similar), Madewell necklace, Michael Kors watch (old), J. Crew pavé bracelet, J. Crew bangles, Anthropologie bag (even older than the shirt), Ray-Ban sunglasses

I have to admit - when I was writing yesterday's blog post, I was overcome with fears of being a fraud. This happens to me from time to time - I'll be bopping along, happy with my own little corner of the internet, and then I'll spend some time on someone else's blog (usually a professional's) and spend the next week agonizing over the fact that what I wear is not nearly as interesting as what I see elsewhere on the web. And I start worrying that everyone who reads this blog thinks I'm a fraud, too.

I think I've also been in a serious clothes rut lately - for the past few months it's been jeans on jeans on jeans, usually with boots and one of about ten shirts that I reach for over and over. So when I got dressed yesterday morning, I resolved to step up my game. And you know what? I'm pretty happy with the results.

The first requirement of stepping up my game was reaching for something I hadn't worn in a long, long time - and this Anthropologie blouse fit the bill just fine. Looking at it in these pictures, I can't believe it's been so long since I've worn it - this is a great shirt! It's comfortable, surprisingly flattering, and a change of pace from my go-to pieces.

To finish stepping up my game, I opted for three things that always make me feel more fashionable: wearing heels, braiding my hair, and layering on an arm party. Stacking bracelets was one of those things that I LOVED to do back when I first started this blog - why did I stop? As a result of managing to put this all together, I felt great all day - fears of being a fraud are banished (for the time being). And you know what - why should I care what other people think about me anyway? Bucking expectations is why I started writing Name's Not Ashley in the first place. Sometimes it's hard to keep that in perspective.




DSC_0901Have a great day.

Dress Well: A Day in the Headlands

Banana Republic vest (old), Anthropologie dress (old), Rocket Dog boots, Madewell necklace, Coach sunglasses

Yesterday we, along with some friends, seized the beautiful day and ventured to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge for an outdoor barbecue in the Marin Headlands. We expected to be greeted by warm, sunny weather on the other side - after all, it was 70 degrees and beautifully sunny in SF. Unfortunately, the Bay Area fog decided to greet us instead. That wasn't a problem, though - I turned the picnic blanket I had packed into a makeshift coat. Despite the unexpectedly gray weather, we had a blast. We're already planning to go back soon (next time hopefully on a sunny day!).

Also, my lovely friend Renee threw this braid in my hair before we set off for the picnic (remember her amazing skills from this post?). I'm so impressed by how well this braid held up despite me clobbering it with my blanket-coat all afternoon - Renee is just the best!










I hope all of you guys had wonderful weekends, too - now go have a great week!