Eat Well: Eggs on Pizza


Let me introduce you to the greatest combination of food items I've ever discovered: eggs and pizza. Do you think that sounds crazy? Think again.

If you're anything like me and my husband, you end up ordering pizza 1-2 times a week because you don't have time to cook dinner (other people do that, right?). After consuming said pizza, you generally have a couple of slices left over. What's the best way to incorporate those slices into a delicious breakfast? Put an egg on them. That's right. You heard it here.

The egg/pizza combination could not be easier. All you have to do is microwave your pizza and fry however many eggs you want to enjoy. I generally opt for two. Be sure to leave the yolks runny - trust me, it makes it taste delicious. (If you're feeling extra fancy, you could even poach your eggs!)

So, the next time you see those left over pizza slices sitting in your fridge and think "how long do I need to keep these in here pretending like I might eat them someday before I throw them out?" think of me instead, and pull out some eggs. You won't regret it.





Thanks for being patient with me while I took a holiday hiatus! My husband and I had a wonderful time spending Christmas in Austin. We spent tons of time with friends and family, ate as many breakfast tacos as we could fit into one trip, and came home with some pretty sweet presents. All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful Christmas - I'm sad that it flew by so quickly!

Lucky for us, we have another amazing vacation to look forward to - next week we will be in the British Virgin Islands, sailing around on a catamaran with my family for seven heavenly days! We won't have access to the internet during that time, so I'm going to try to make up for next week's silence by posting every day this week.

I hope your holidays were wonderful - see you back here tomorrow!

Eat Well: Blueberry Muffins


My husband has one request on his birthday: that I make him blueberry muffins with a crumbly top. Thankfully, it's a request that I can definitely handle. For me, nothing says "happy birthday" like your favorite food cooked specially for you. That's what these muffins are to me - my own personal way of wishing my husband happy birthday. The bonus? I get to enjoy them too :)





Live Well: Making Me Happy

DSC_8935[My favorite dahlia arrangement ever + colorful books]

This week felt forever long. Maybe it's the result of coming after a four-day week, maybe it's due to too much work and too little sleep. Either way, I'm so excited it's Friday. In honor of the tradition on Pop Culture Happy Hour (which you know I'll be listening to on my way into work today), I decided to share the things that have been making me happy this week. Happy weekend, everybody - rest up, have fun, and I will see you back on Monday!


[The incredible view from my rooftop deck. I can't wait to be back up there this weekend, soaking in the sun (hopefully) and reading my book!]


[The most delicious brunch ever at Universal Cafe. I had to get in a final breakfast there before finally cutting back on calories!]


[The fact that it was warm enough to wear shorts and short sleeves last weekend. Okay, I ended up being pretty cold. But it was close to warm enough! I'm hoping we're graced with the same beautiful weather this weekend.]

photo[Amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Never. Gets. Old.]

Eat Well: Dutch Pancake


I had two words for my kitchen this past weekend: "I'm baaaaack!"

After three months of cooking almost never, this past weekend I finally had an urge to get back in the kitchen. Why I stayed away so long (especially on weekends) is a mystery - I LOVE cooking. Rather than exercising my (admittedly limited) culinary skills, for the past several weeks we've been heading out to brunch each weekend morning in search of excellent pancakes. I can't really explain it; we've just been on a major pancake (and laziness) kick lately.

One of the best pancakes we found was the Dutch pancake at The Tipsy Pig, which is one of my favorite restaurants in the Marina here in SF. Last weekend, armed with my long-awaited urge to cook, some farmer's market ingredients, and this easy recipe, I set about making my version of the Tipsy Pig pancake. This ended up being a great idea, if I do say so myself. The pancake is SO easy to make and tastes great with a little fruit and powdered sugar on the top. It took about half a bite for me to realize that this dish will be a Sunday staple for years to come.







DSC_6323This has been such a fun week - in a complete departure from my normal routine, I've already been out to weeknight dinners with friends on two separate nights, with another dinner planned for Friday. Since we're not going to be in town this weekend, it's nice to get to see our friends during the week. Even if it means I've skipped going to the gym more than I should have because I've been up too late, I think the tradeoff is worth it in terms of the happiness that comes from social interaction, you know? That, or I'm just looking for an excuse to sleep in.

Have a wonderful day!