Live Well: My Favorite Things of 2013

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At first, I was just planning on writing a post today about a good book I read recently. But then I realized that it's December 31st, a date that demands we reflect on the previous 364 days. (Telling you guys about Untouchable can happen later.)

Since I've done enough reflecting on my own blog already this year (here and here), I thought it would be more productive to reflect on my favorite bits of pop culture that I consumed this year. That way maybe you guys can enjoy a few of the things that made 2013 so special for me!

So, without further ado, here's the list:

Favorite book I read: The Razor's Edge

Favorite movie I saw: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight (with an honorable mention to Dallas Buyer's Club for being amazing)

Favorite TV show I watched: Orange is the New Black (sorry, Breaking Bad)

And finally, because for me food and entertainment are inextricably linked:

Favorite meal I ate (after eliminating The French Laundry from the running because, well, that's just not fair): Our two meals at Rich Table (with honorable mentions to Flour & Water, AQ (Spring, not Summer), State Bird Provisions, and Sushi Ran).


You'll have to let me know - what are your favorite things of what you read, watched, and ate in 2013? I can only hope that you had as much fun as I did.

Have a wonderful new year's - see you in 2014!

Dress Well: For the Premiere

Gap sweater, Free sample t-shirt, Paige jeans (similar), Rocket Dog booties, J. Crew necklace (old), Coach sunglasses (old)

This is what I like to call my "run out the door to pick up the Thai food I ordered before the Breaking Bad premiere" outfit. I may or may not need to work on the name. Regardless, the nasty, gray, cold weather we had here in San Francisco this past Sunday gave me, my husband, and my friend who was in town an excellent reason to stay inside all day and watch the Breaking Bad marathon on AMC while we counted down to the premiere. Clearly my choice of activities dictated that I wear nothing more fancy than a sweater, sample t-shirt, comfortable jeans, and my favorite, trusty booties.






Did you guys watch the premiere? If so, what did you think?

Dress Well: Summer Flowers

Zara blouse (old), AG jeans, Sam Edelman sandals, J. Crew bracelet, Tory Burch bag, Coach sunglasses

Okay, so summer is this weird, eternally cold, funky season here in San Francisco. But I'm still trying (with mixed success, admittedly) to channel some summer sun into my clothes. So yesterday, despite the fact that it was chilly, I threw on my favorite Zara paisley blouse with my white jeans. Something about flowers + white just make it feel more like summer, even when your teeth are chattering.











Ever since I started my new job, my weekday life has looked like this: come home from work, eat the dinner that my wonderful husband has prepared for me, write this blog, and watch Breaking Bad. However, last night we finished the last Breaking Bad episode until the new season premieres in August. So I basically have no idea what to do with my life anymore. Any suggestions?