Dress Well: Something About Plaid

Friends, I originally intended for this post to be about the things that are currently on top of my birthday list (only 15 shopping days left!) but I quickly realized that there was one thing with a major presence on my list and on my mind: plaid. While I'd like to think that my love of plaid is simply a result of me being on-trend, it more likely points to the fact that I'm growing up to be my mother (who can't get enough of the stuff, in a classy way).

While I don't plan on wearing any of the items above together (God help us if that ever starts seeming like a good idea), I look forward to incorporating each of them into my outfits as statements pieces (the pants and the smoking slippers) or as a neutral layered under a sweater (the shirt). The bag I just plan on bringing everywhere.

Also, my husband deserves a huge thank you for Photoshopping the image above. I told you I'd work on my collages!

Have a great weekend.