Dress Well: Feeling Festive

J. Crew dress (old), J. Crew coat, Birds on a Wire necklace c/o, Coach sunglasses (old)

Despite the fact that this dress is sleeveless, wearing it always makes it feel like the holidays. Maybe it's because this dress was gifted to me for Christmas last year, or maybe it's because velvet as a fabric seems inextricably tied to the most wonderful time of the year. Either way, putting it on puts the Christmas season on my mind.

This past weekend felt like opening weekend of the holidays. On Saturday night we packed a bunch of friends at our apartment for a Cards Against Humanity party. We literally fit as many people into our 700 square foot apartment as we possibly could - every seat we have in the house was occupied. There's something about hosting friends, playing games, and having way too much food on hand that feels undeniably festive. I had a wonderful, wonderful time and can't wait to have everyone over again soon!





DSC_2839One more thing I wanted to share from my weekend - on Sunday my husband and I went to go see About Time, which is a new British romantic comedy. Now, I am NOT one of those girls who is a sucker for any romantic comedy - I hold my love stories to a high standard. I went into the movie a little bit skeptical, but came out thoroughly charmed. The movie was very sweet, and I couldn't get enough of the overall aesthetic of creaky hallways and rooms filled with books that marks every great British romantic comedy. If you want to take a break from all the bleak movies out there these days - Gravity12 Years a SlaveCaptain Phillips - and just enjoy yourself for two hours, go catch About Time. You won't regret it.

Okay, sales pitch over! Time to press on with my week. Four days from today I will be headed to L.A. for a little pre-birthday trip that has really snuck up on me. I love this time of the year for everything there is to look forward to - L.A. in less than a week, Texas for Thanksgiving in three, and Christmas just a few weeks after that! Life is good, life is good.

Dress Well: Cobalt and Camel

J. Crew turtleneck, J. Crew skirt, Ivanka Trump heels, J. Crew necklace (old; love this one), Michael Kors watch (similar), J. Crew bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Coach sunglasses

Since joining the 9-5 (or 9-6, or 9-7...) working world, I feel that I've discovered the truth behind "look good, feel good, play good." There's nothing that gets me through a Monday morning (or Tuesday morning, or Wednesday morning...) quite like throwing on an outfit I feel great in. My brain might not want to be at work, but if my clothes say I want to be there, then I can usually convince myself that I want to be there after all.








DSC_2897I bought this skirt and an identical black version for 60% off from J. Crew. Even though the skirt was only available two sizes larger than what I usually wear, it was so cheap that it was worth it to order it on sale and then have it tailored down to my size. I couldn't be happier with my decision to do that - there's no way this skirt would fit me as well if I had bought my normal size. My only mistake? Going to the tailor to get it fitted right after being sick. Nothing quite like getting your clothes tailored to a skinnier version of yourself to get you to skip that after-lunch cookie!

Have a great day!